In what ways might I differentiate literacy instruction for fourth grade students in a mixed ability classroom through the use of learning centers with tiered activities?





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This capstone addresses the question of how a teacher can differentiate instruction in a mixed ability classroom. My research resulted from my passion to help all students become successful readers. I differentiated using tiered lessons and learning centers. The literature used has close connections to the final product. Carol Ann Tomlinson was a major influence on the differentiated activity choices. The design of the unit played as much a vital role as the choice of activities. Grant Wiggins and Jay.McTighe's concept of Backwards Design was used as the template for my curriculum design. As a result of my research, I have designed a unit using targeted skills necessary for successful reading comprehension. I found that students were engaged and interested in their learning. Differentiating all activities is unrealistic, but a few lessons will make a difference for all students. Differentiation can increase the achievement of all students.

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