Helping kindergarten students develop literacy skills through balanced literacy and writing workshop





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The research question addressed is, how can teachers help kindergarten students develop literacy skills through the balanced literacy framework and writing workshop? The motivating factors for this capstone were the low assessment scores of incoming kindergarten students along with the teacher's desire to improve the reading and writing skills of her kindergarten students. This capstone reviews literature written by some well-known educators regarding kindergarten students, balanced literacy, the writing process, and writing workshop. It details strategies including how to construct a text with kindergarten students, balanced literacy and its components, and the use of writing workshop in kindergarten. This capstone documents one teacher's action research project which transformed the literature into a plan of action to incorporate the ideas into the kindergarten curriculum. It analyzes the results of the action research project, reveals limitations to the study, includes a plan of interventions, and discusses the implications for teaching literacy to young learners.

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