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Best practices for turning disciplinary action into self-regulation in a K-5 school





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This research topic stemmed from the need to professionally mature after personal feelings overcame professional judgment immediately following an assault from a student, which occurred on the last day of school. The research focuses on revising current program practices in a K-5 building after students are removed from class and sent to an isolation room for an extended period of time as a consequence for misbehavior. It includes current research in: developmental stages (Piaget and Erickson) current brain research (Gurian, Caine and Caine, and Colllins) behavioral development (Glasser and Waters) discipline theory (Curwin and Mendler, Glasser and Bagley) proactive ideas and a restorative justice system. Data collection centers on school-wide summative discipline incidents (as recommended by Sugai) and classroom data. Results indicate a program revision is necessary for reducing the number of chronic offenders while accounting for gender and age appropriate methods, and school district guidelines for disciplinary action and consequences.

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