Active learning in a middle school mathematics classroom





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Teachers are constantly trying to find new ways to motivate students to learn. Mathematics is a subject that is often negatively perceived by students. If taught in the right way, I believe that being actively involved provides students with positive attitudes toward learning. During my capstone project, I tested out many active learning strategies. I observed that active learning increased student engagement, motivation to learn, and excitement towards learning math. Active learning insists that fresh thinking be constantly applied every moment of our teaching lives, that no method nor discipline can supersede the necessity of being forever on the alert (Bickman, 2003, p.4). Teaching demands thoughtfulness. There simply is no way to become an outstanding teacher through adherence to routine, formula, habit, convention, or standardized ways of speaking and acting (Bickman, 2003, p.1). These quotes echo my belief that active learning provides students with increased engagement and excitement for learning.

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