Genre studies and the reading-writing connection: creating a coherent sixth grade language arts program





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The research question that was investigated for this capstone is: What are effective instructional strategies that help sixth graders study genre and make the reading-writing connection? The motivating factor for the project is the desire for a sixth grade language arts curriculum that approaches reading and writing as two interconnected processes. Some of the educational experts and ideas that were driving forces for this capstone are: Katie Wood Ray's Inquiry Framework, Wiggins and McTighe's Understanding by Design, Laura Robb's Key Comprehension Strategies and Vicki Spandel's Six Traits of Writing. The final product of this capstone is sample lessons for a variety of genre studies and reading-writing connections: memoir and reading like a reader, mystery and reading like a writer, fractured fairytales and writing like a writer, and commentary and writing like a reader.

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