Voices of TRIO students: promoting equity and social justice through the federal TRIO programs





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This capstone inquiry investigates how the federal TRiO programs, Upward Bound and Student Support Services promote equity and social justice through community building, leadership and academic activities and holistic life skills. This research details the history of the TRiO programs, the barriers that low-income and first generation students experience when accessing higher education, and the effects TRiO has had on students' lives in their quest to better their lives. The results of this study include direct, unedited responses from the students themselves about their experience with their respective TRiO program. Through content analysis, surveys, and interviews, this qualitative study found that TRiO has had a positive impact on students, increasing their self-esteem, self-confidence, thus breaking higher education barriers, teaching civic responsibility and helping students rise above their current station so that they can be educated, productive members of society.

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