How can read aloud be used to instruct informational text?





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My primary motivation for this curriculum development project was to help my primary students avoid the struggles I experienced comprehending non-fiction text. This was followed by the desire to help my 2nd grade students connect with informational text that piqued their interest. Throughout my search, my thinking was framed by experts in the areas of teaching and instruction, read aloud, informational text, and comprehension strategy instruction. Books and articles by Debbie Miller, Linda Hoyt, Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis, and Nell Duke were a few of the resources I reviewed. Ultimately, I developed a four week unit of study correlating with our science topic of insects. The curriculum is designed to use Read Aloud to introduce informational text features. Text Feature Posters, Text Feature Notebooks, Informational Text Read Aloud Tables, and assessment rubrics were all features I designed to aid in implementation.

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