A template for connecting field studies with animal conservation to state side schools





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Eating sheep organs, teaching about sea turtles, and snorkeling with sharks are only glimpses of my unique experiences throughout a year-long sabbatical, during which I volunteered for several animal conservation and environmental education organizations. For two months in Mongolia I worked for the Pallas Cat Conservation Project as a field research assistant and English teacher in the village where the study was conducted. I spent three months working for Arocha Kenya, a Christian environmental organization, ringing birds, teaching in the local schools, and leading teacher training workshops focused on incorporating conservation themes into the core curriculum. In Fiji, I volunteered for Reef Explorers planting coral in a marine protected area and developing a village's eco-tourism potential. Witnessing the devastating effects of poverty on human life and the environment was not only life-changing it compelled me to a sense of urgency, and the realization that animal conservation is ultimately people conservation.

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