Winter 1-2018

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Restricted Access Thesis

Primary Advisor/Thesis Chair

Mary Rockcastle

Secondary Advisor/Outside Reader

Claire Rudolf Murphy

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This thesis explored the choice of form in telling nonfiction stories.

Deluged!: The Johnstown Flood of 1889 is narrative nonfiction tracing the events surrounding the collapse of the South Fork Dam in the hills above Johnstown, Pennsylvania that sent 20 million tons of water and debris surging down the river valley, devastating everything in its path, as told through eyewitness accounts of the tragedy that claimed 2,209 lives.

Under Clara’s Watchful Eye is a nonfiction picture book that traces events from Clara Barton’s life that prepared her to lead the American Red Cross. This determined woman lived to serve others and provided a vision for an organization that still offers help and hope to those in need.