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Syllabi from 2017


CSED7772-CO.Authentic Asmnt using Tech.Sp17.Walker,Michael, Michael Walker


CSED7773-CO.Emrging Technology and Trends.Sp17.Haselbauer,Meghan, Meghan Haselbauer


EDU1150-UD1.Schools and Society.Sp17.Endo,Rachel, Rachel Endo

EDU1150-UD.Schools and Society.Sp17.Hick,Sarah, Sarah Hick


EDU1250-01.Educational Psychology.Sp17.Strait,Jean, Jean Strait


EDU1250-02.Educational Psychology.Sp17.Strait,Jean, Jean Strait

EDU3260-UH.Theory to Practice.Sp17.Basford,Letitia, Letitia Basford

EDU3500-UF.Diversity and Education.Sp17.Neal,Rebecca, Rebecca Neal


EDU3660-01.Crucial Issues in Education.J17.Koeppen,Kim, Kim Koeppen


EDU3660-ABR.Issues in Edu Abroad: Thailand.J17.Basford,Letitia, Letitia Basford

EDU5010-SH.Departmental Honors Project*.J17.Hick,Sarah, Sarah Hick

EDUC6007-CO.Inquiry at the Middle Level.Sp17.Sass-Henke,Amanda, Amanda Sass-Henke

EDUC6010-CO.Adult Educ Content Standards.Sp17.Egan,Patricia, Patricia Egan

EDUC6019-CO.Digital Literacy.Sp17.Budenski Behnke,Jennifer, Jennifer Budenski Behnke

EDUC6091-01.Adult Education: Numeracy.Sp17.Vickers,Amy, Amy Vickers

EDUC6121-CO.New Edina TchrTrng: Support 1.Sp17.Bergstrom,Sarah, Sarah Bergstrom

EDUC6122-CO.New Edina Tchr Trng: Support 2.Sp17.Bergstrom,Sarah, Sarah Bergstrom

EDUC6123-CO1.New Edina Teacher Training 1.Sp17.Smasal,Randal, Randal Smasal

EDUC6123-CO.New Edina Teacher Training 1.Sp17.,, Hamline Faculty

EDUC6124-CO.New Edina Teacher Training 2.Sp17.Smasal,Randal, Randal Smasal

EDUC6125-CO2.African Amer Hist for Educatrs.Sp17.Mayes,Keith, Keith Mayes

EDUC6125-CO.African Amer Hist for Educatrs.Sp17.Mayes,Keith, Keith Mayes

EDUC6186-CO.Development Designs 1 Prctcm.Sp17.Biros,Sarah, Sarah Biros


EDUC6998-CO1.MEGT Conference 2017.Sp17.Keilty,William, William Keilty

EDUC6998-CO.Topics: Adult Lang & Literacy.Sp17.Egan,Patricia, Patricia Egan