SCED6147-01.The Solar System.Sp14.Randle,David

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David Randle

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The Solar System

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Spring 2014



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Get to know our local neighborhood in space, the solar system. Comprising our closest star and the matter that surrounds it, the solar environment provides rich and diverse material to explore fundamental astronomical concepts like motion, collisions, and scienctific investigation. Using the American Museum of Natural History's extensive resources, explore a series of questions: How did the solar system form? What do solar system body surfaces tell us? What is an atmosphere, and how do those of different planets vary? Focus on different scientific projects (such as Venus Express and the Mars rovers) that reinforce the essential concept of science as an ongoing search for better understanding of the universe. Offered in partnership with the American Museum of Natural History. Accelerated online course. Please register 2 weeks prior to start date to ensure receipt of course materials. Target audience: educators 6-adult. Note: Courses offered through AMNH use the "e-college" platform instead of the Blackboard online learning platform. Once registered, you will receive an email directly from AMNH providing information on how to access the online course. The e-mail will go to your "preferred" e-mail address (as listed in the Hamline database), and you should receive it by the week prior to the course start date. Courses offered in partnership with AMNH are nonrefundable after the start date of the course. Please contact gcs@hamline.edu for the current tuition rate.

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