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JacQueline Getty

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Topics: Internet Marketing

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Fall 2014



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Special Topics: Internet Marketing is an advanced marketing course that builds upon students existing knowledge in order to conceptualize the ways in which digital marketing strategies are devised and integrated within a business or organization’s overall marketing efforts. This new course challenges students to explore the realities and implications of internet from a marketer's perspective. More specifically, this course focuses on how businesses and organizations use the internet, social media and wireless connectivity in order to foster customer and constituent engagement in order to develop new or existing markets. Students will learn how the internet has become a necessity in modern business, and discover how this medium can assist and expand an organization or business’s marketing presence and efforts. The primary objective of this course is to focus on how the internet can serve as an invaluable resource for the marketer. On completion of this course students should be able to: • Explain internet marketing models using internet technologies and tools • Understand how the internet, social media, and other technologies and tools can impact marketing efforts • Identify and evaluate online marketing challenges and opportunities and to develop and engage online marketing strategies and tactics to help an organization or business be present in today’s competitive and dynamic marketplace PREREQUISITE: Students must complete MKTG 3100 Foundations of Marketing prior to taking this course.