PSY3840-AC.(AC) Addictive Disorders.F15.Faculty,Augsburg

Augsburg Faculty

Course Description

Goals: To examine research and theory on the causes and consequences of alcoholism, binge drinking, drug addictions, and behavioral addictions. Content: A wide variety of perspectives on normal-range substance use, college drinking, alcoholism, nicotine dependence, drug addictions, and behavioral addictions will be covered including: behavioral genetics, neuroscience and psychophysiological research, developmental issues, environmental factors, co-occurring disorders, clinical psychological treatment and prevention, psychiatry, and epidemiological, social, emotional, attitudinal, and experimental studies. Students will engage in data analysis, write-up and interpretation of real data sets on addiction, and read and critique research articles on various topics. Prerequisites: PSY 1330 and one course in Statistics (PSY 1340, CJFS 1140, MATH 1200, or QMBE 1310) with grades of C- or better Credits: 4