FSEM1010-30.FSEM: Refine your life: Econ.F15.Akhavi-Pour,Hossein

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Hossein Akhavi-Pour

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FSEM: Refine your life: Econ

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Fall 2015



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Economics is the study of how people choose to use scarce resources. In this course we learn how lessons from the science of economics can be employed by individuals, families, and communities to achieve a more rewarding life. Economic questions affect directly or indirectly every facet of our life. The freedom of choice is wonderful, but our choices have costs. In this course we explore some of the daily (and not so daily) economic questions that we face. The following list is a snap shot of a few of those questions that we explore. • What should I do with my free time? • What is the economics of love? • Should I vote? Steve does not vote and he is doing just fine! • Why should I be concerned about energy cost? Gas prices are going down now! • Should I save more or consume all my income? I am really confused! • Is the dream of having my own business dead? Please say no! • Will you pay for my grandma’s health costs? • Does it pay to go to college? One of my friends says no! • What should I do when the economy is experiencing very, very slow growth? • Why I am still unemployed? How come Mary has a job? • Are there an optimum number of kids I should have? • Why should I care about China’s economic growth? My shoes were cheap! And many more questions to ask and explore! Note that Microeconomics (ECON 1310) or Macroeconomics (ECON 1320) is a co-requisite for this course.

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