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FSEM: Building Interfaith Comn

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Fall 2015



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One of the best ways of learning about others’ religious and spiritual traditions is to share a meal together! The meal could be a casual get-together, a milestone celebration or even a religious holy day. A good meal shared creates community through hospitality, conversation, rituals and celebration. Yet in a world of food scarcity, soil depletion, poverty, drought and many other challenges, growing good food for good meals becomes an opportunity for religious and spiritual communities to learn from and with one another. This First-year Seminar draws on the inspiration and vision of Will Allen, founder of the urban agriculture organization called Growing Power in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For two years now, Hamline students have served with Growing Power over spring break as one of our Catalyst “Be the Change” service trips. Allen believes that growing healthy food for others can be a spiritual practice! This FYSem will explore innovative collaborations here in the Twin Cities involving diverse communities, cultures and congregations who are passionate about what Allen calls “The Good Food Revolution.” We will be building our own interfaith community as a class and digging into the fall harvest season with various neighborhood community gardens. Sharing together in several meals that we harvest and prepare ourselves, we will reflect on how food production intersects with social, economic and environmental issues. We will also learn about diverse religious traditions’ good meals and how they bring people together for feeding interfaith learning.

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