BIOL1800-C3.LAB: Prin of Ecology & Evolutn.F15.Dalrymple,Rhiannon

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Rhiannon Dalrymple

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LAB: Prin of Ecology & Evolutn

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Fall 2015



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Goals: This course is designed for potential biology majors and others needing majors-level biology. To introduce ecological and evolutionary principles, and how these relate to understanding the origins and diversity of life on earth. To gain experience in the practice of science by posing research questions, designing and conducting experiments or observations to answer these questions and presenting the results publicly. To develop skills in oral communication, use of the computer as a scientific tool, and functioning as a member of a goal-directed team. To foster a sense of wonder and curiosity about biological diversity. Content: An exploration of ecology and evolution. Topics will include interactions among organisms and with their environment, transmission genetics, micro and macroevolutionary processes, and the origin and diversity of life. Throughout the course, we will discuss examples of how ecological and evolutionary principles can enhance our understanding of environmental and medical issues. The course will introduce skills needed for conducting biological research, with emphasis on development of research questions and experimental design. Taught: Fall term Prerequisites: None; concurrent registration in Chemistry 1130 is recommended. NOTE: Students must concurrently register for a lecture and a corresponding 0-credit lab section of this course. This course is open to first-year students only. Exceptions are made by permission of the instructor. Non-science majors seeking the Hamline Plan 'N' through Biology should take a course in the Biol 1100 series rather than taking Biol 1800. Credits: 4

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