COMM1110-ST.(ST) Public Speaking.Sp15.Faculty,St Thomas

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Course Description

Goals: To help students gain real-life skills in speaking in public, gain confidence, and enhance their ability to deliver oral presentations; to help students achieve the ability to undertake the research process, reason, and effectively identify what needs to be said in a given situation as well as the best way to say it; to practice the skills of critical listening, critical analysis of arguments, and effective advocacy that can enable students to become more engaged in effective and ethical public discourse. Content: Theories of communication in public settings; factors influencing message creation, construction, and interpretation; utilizing research and evidence in creating effective arguments; adaptation to the communication situation and audience; addressing the diversity of values and viewpoints held by audience members; ethical issues in public communication; factors influencing effective delivery; stagefright. Taught: Annually. Prerequisites: None. Credits: 4 credits