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Structured Study Group Leader

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Fall 2014



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Structured Study Groups focus on assisting students with the mastery of skills (e.g., outlining skills, study skills, and exam-taking skills) within the context of their doctrinal classes. The Structured Study Group Leaders are responsible for leading study groups for one hour each week, and for preparing lesson plans, small group exercises, and a variety of teaching and learning tools with the goal of facilitating student learning in a collaborative setting. The Leaders are also encouraged to be available outside of the study group sessions to assist their students and to serve as mentors. In addition, the Leaders are required to attend classroom sessions focused on pedagogy that require significant reading, preparation of mock lessons, and other assignments designed to improve their teaching skills. Enrollment is by invitation of the Director of Academic Success upon advance application. The course is offered only on a pass/no pass basis. Students earn two credits per semester. Enrollment in the first semester is a prerequisite to enrollment in the second semester (except in special circumstances and with permission of the Director of Academic Success). Students may serve as Structured Study Group Leaders for a maximum of two semesters. With permission of the Director of Academic Success and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, students may continue to serve as Structured Study Group Leaders for additional semesters and credit. Every Year Course