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Craig Waldron

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Housing & Econ. Dev. Policy

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Summer 2016



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This course examines economic development theories and housing policies in the United States. Emphasis upon understanding how economic and housing markets operate and how national, state, and local governments can influence business investment and job development decisions and the construction and rehabilitation of housing for different populations. Tremendous demand is placed upon government officials to assist the economy, provide for jobs, help ensure economic performance, and attend to the housing needs of different groups. As a result, national, state, and local governments are increasing given the responsibility to develop and implement programs to help national or regional economies and address housing needs. Public sector managers are thus expected to understand how economic and housing markets operate and to create programs that will stimulate economic and housing production in their area. This course first provides an overview on how economic and housing markets function. The discussion will include discussion of basic principles of macro- and microeconomics and then analysis of specific views of economic development, including export-base, core-periphery, and locational theories. The course then provides specific analysis and evaluation of the different policies and techniques governments have used to secure economic and housing goals. Among the techniques examined will be: tax incentives and TIFs, bonding, public subsidies, public/private partnerships, infrastructure development, and direct government investment in, or ownership of housing and economic development entities.