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Jason Verdugo

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Devl Leaders for Today, Tmrrow

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Winter 2017



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This course is designed around group discussion on the four book series called, Habitudes: Images That Form Leadership Habits & Attitudes. In our culture today, students cannot simply survive college life. If life on the university campus is going to prepare them for the uncertain future, they must learn to "lead." They must first lead themselves and then think like a leader as they enter into their chosen field of interest. Leadership is not about the pursuit of power but about the pursuit of service. It's about serving others in the area of our natural abilities and passions. When we do, we predictably ripple with influence. We don't even have to try to "lead" others. As we mature, we are to naturally uncover our area of strength and influence a sum of people. We may not have a position at the top of a flow chart, but we lead. Because this is a larger segment of the population, it may be helpful to call these people leaders with a lower case "l." They are leaders, not Leaders. They are everywhere, and we must prepare them to influence their world. This course, utilizing Habitudes: Images That Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes, is designed to identify and strengthen habits and attitudes that will assist students in their leadership development. It consists of a medley of images that illustrate timeless, universal principles on leadership. Tim Elmore / Growing Leaders, Inc. / Copyright 2013 / Atlanta, GA / www.GrowingLeaders.com

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