FSEM1020-06.First Year Sem writing intensv.F16.Turk,Jane

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Jane Turk

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First Year Sem writing intensv

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Fall 2016



Hamline Plan Letter


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There’s one sure thing parents can do to help their kids learn, regardless of financial means: Forbid them from watching television on school nights. – President Barack Obama I believe knowledge is better than censorship. I'm not talking about letting your kid run wild on the computer. I'm talking about media literacy. What's important is that kids understand the technologies that surround them, especially as our telephone, our television and our computer race to become one entity. That way new technology can become useful tool of the child, instead of the child becoming a tool of the technology. - Linda Ellerbee, journalist, television producer In this first-year seminar we will investigate the ways in which mass media are currently (and have been historically) consumed by and targeted toward children and young people. We’ll examine how mass media technologies shape and are shaped by the evolving cultural, political, and economic contexts of the United States. We’ll consider theories about media’s effects on children and young people regarding their social, educational, political, and moral development. We’ll explore how television, the internet, and social media have evolved as mass media industries, educational tools, information sources, and social and cultural practices. We’ll analyze representations of race, class, gender, place, and ability in popular programming, and consider how such representations help to construct social reality. Through course texts, class activities, and hands-on projects, we’ll work together to develop your “critical apparatus” of skills, knowledge, and awareness so that, at the end of this First Year Seminar, you will be a more nimble and informed navigator of our current (and future!) media environment.

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