Angela Goodrum


This article discusses the importance of passing the Social Networking Online Protection Act and the Password Protection Act to afford vital protection against discrimination in hiring and admission decisions. Existing laws fail to adequately provide protection against discrimination after the advent of social media. Furthermore, failure to provide to provide protection via federal laws will create a disparity in the protection afforded individuals across the United States.

Social media has introduced a new world of opportunities for sharing, networking, but it has also created ample opportunities for others to snoop around, discriminate, and base their hiring or admission decisions, in part, on an individual’s online persona. Online personas are subject to searches from a variety of individuals or entities, such as organizations, churches, and potential or previous clients, however, this article focuses on potential employers and educational institutions. The focus is narrow, because the outcomes of these entities’ snooping practices have the greatest potential impact on our livelihood and opportunities for educational or career advancement.