Fall 2023


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Karen L. Moroz

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Héctor E. Alcalá


Climate Change is creating more and more severe impacts on our planet. Impacts include more destructive storms, increased temperatures, more wildfires and therefore smoke. Additionally, destruction of habitat is threatening species around the world, who are also struggling to survive the changing climate. Many young people around the world are very worried about the future, and many teachers feel unprepared to teach students about climate change. This project seeks to provide a resource for teachers and students to process the science of climate change by connecting to nature. It asks:

How can educators use digital storytelling tools to develop students’ identities as individuals and members of a global community that includes the whole biosphere, while developing their language abilities?

How can this practice help students connect with nature to become more resilient while taking local action to prepare themselves and their communities for the climate crisis and inspire others to do the same?

It is interdisciplinary in nature, looking at theories and research on Identity, Language, Digital Media, and Climate Science. The climate crisis is global in scope and will require global cooperation to address. Using theories such as Critical Race Theory and Sociolinguistics can help educators reflect on the diverse identities of students in the US and around the world as they design curriculum to encourage collaboration. Honoring each individual and their intersecting identities makes schools more welcoming. Supporting linguistically diverse students is critically important, and building online networks of language communities can help do so. Advances in technology have allowed for more creation and sharing of multimedia content across the world. Helping students find their voice and tell their own stories can empower them to make change in their communities and globally. Involving children in local action and telling stories of children taking action can help inspire young people to stay hopeful and involved in the greatest problem of their time.

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Asynchronous Online Course


Environmental Studies, Social Justice, Climate Change, Digital Storytelling








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