Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Susan Manikowski


The research question addressed in this project is, how can empowering fathers in their child’s life increase student academic achievement? The Capstone provides literature supporting the value of father in the lives of their children, providing them with optimal success in academics and beyond the classroom. It brings together characteristics and statistics of fatherhood, detailing how a father impacts: family roles, child’s behavior, child’s needs, learning tasks, daughters, a child with special needs, mother and father differences, and early child development. The author brings forth research to support fathers staying engaged with their child, from before birth to adolescence, providing positive learning experiences supporting their child’s social, emotional and cognitive development. A website was created to synthesize the research and provide meaningful learning activities to support fathers and their child’s academic success. The learning opportunities are hands on, engaging and have a focus in the areas of math, literacy and science.

Project Type

Website Creation


Adult Education, At-risk Students, Early Childhood, Parent Involvement

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Education Commons