Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Trish Harvey

Content Expert

Julia Reimer, Michael Richards


The research questions addressed in this project were: 1) What are the essential set of teaching skills/practices at the induction portion of teacher training that are applicable to my EFL teaching context? 2) In light of the specific teacher preparation and development needs of the staff in a 12-school network in Morocco, how should these skills be sequenced and taught during the induction portion of an English language teacher development program? Answering these questions involved an investigation—and integration—of four teacher development frameworks proceeding from the macro- to micro-level of teacher training, unpacking what Feiman-Nemser calls the central tasks of learning to teach, re-ordering them to account for deficiencies in preservice training and to make induction training more consistent with the constructivist student learning the training program is trying to foster, and using existing courses designed by experienced instructors to teach essential instructional skills to novice EFL teachers. In the process, the author makes the case that learning to execute existing lesson plans before learning how to design lesson plans expedites the acquisition of three key instructional skills.

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Teacher Training Handbook


Adult Education, Curriculum, ESL/ ELLs, Teachers/ Teaching

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