Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Trish Harvey

Content Expert

Beverly Voss


Guided reading is a vital part of a balanced reading program in the elementary classroom. Guided reading should be flexible to meet readers where they are. Unfortunately implementation of differentiated guided reading varies from district to district, leaving learning and understanding of the reading processes of children up to the teacher. This project examines the question: How can best practices in flexible guided reading be independently implemented at the elementary school level? The literature review emphasizes the importance of guided reading and how flexible grouping can be implemented to accommodate readers strengths and needs. Research shows that guided reading can increase interest and motivation in text. Best practices include understanding how readers process text, how to group readers dynamically, how to select meaningful text, and classroom management techniques that foster independent and small group learning. The website project titled Guided Reading for All, compiles best practices in flexible guided reading to assist teachers in using research based practices to guide small group reading instruction. The website format and design are laid out in the paper. Major learnings of the project are shared along with limitations of the project, policy implications, future research in differentiated guided reading, and benefits to the teaching profession.

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Website Creation


At-risk Students, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Literacy, Reading

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Education Commons