Fall 2022


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Karen Moroz

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Alexis Zaccariello


Research shows that allowing students room for their artistic voice is empowering and can help them explore their racial identity. In addition to supporting cultural identities, art can enhance one’s mood. Multiple studies show how visual art can build positive mental health and reduce anxiety. There has been a troubling rise in statistics for teenagers with poor mental health and suicide attempts, particularly in the LGBTQIA+ populations. When these students feel welcome at school their mental health is markedly improved. As the No Child Left Behind Policies grew, access to the visual arts decreased. Art does not test well therefore does not have a place in the core subjects. As art education continues to be limited, it is important to stress that art can be taught in a variety of other subjects and not just in the art classroom. There is room in the curriculum for art and allows a differentiated education that reflects the student's cultural heritage. Between 2010 and 2018 the minority populations of Minnesota have significantly increased. It is important for educators to be prepared with an art curriculum that features local artists and works that are compatible with their students' demographics. In the white population it is equally important to provide examples of minority artists to combat the idea that only white people make art. The goal of the project is to build an inclusive, diverse list of artists and accompanying lesson plans for Minnesota educators to be access free and relevant art lessons in their classroom. These lessons will correlate with The Minnesota State Standards for Visual Art. There are online resources for materials, grants, museums and galleries. There is a feedback form and place for other educators to submit lessons to grow this educational tool. All students deserve an art education with lessons that celebrate their diversity with examples from successful artists that reflect their identities.

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