Summer 2022


Capstone Project

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Abigail Rombalski and Shelley Orr


In the past two years, we have experienced unprecedented times throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As students were forced into distance learning, they were missing out on the opportunity to grow their social and emotional skills in person with their peers. This capstone paper and project seek to answer the question, “How can we as teachers incorporate social emotional learning on a regular basis to create meaningful progress for students?” As we return to regular in person learning, it is so important for teachers and students to focus on social and emotional learning. Although academics are what most people think of when they picture school, students also need social emotional learning to become successful students. Along with math, reading, and other academic subjects, students need to learn important skills including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. As students grow in their social emotional skills and learn to manage their behaviors and emotions, it creates a positive classroom environment for learning. The professional development sessions were created for teachers, reviewing the main concepts from Kuyper’s Zones of Regulation, MindUp, and Purposefull People by Character Strong. These are a few of the many social emotional curricula and concepts that exist, however they each include important concepts that can be used in the classroom when working with students on social and emotional skills. The goal of the professional development is for the teacher participants to leave the sessions feeling increased knowledge of the social emotional concepts discussed, and be more prepared to implement them with their students.

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Field Guide Project


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