Fall 2017


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Trish Harvey

Content Expert

Joanna Waggoner-Norquest, Majida Kargbo, Rachel Durkee


Many schools and districts are experiencing a high influx of English Language Learners (ELLs), and a good number are experiencing difficulties with helping these students achieve at high levels, while at the same time fostering a sense of community in their schools. As a result of the author’s research and personal experience teaching English Language Development (ELD) in urban schools, the following research questions were posed. How well are Minneapolis ELLs meeting rigorous educational standards currently? How have personalized and community-based learning been approached in Minneapolis historically? What pre-existing, place-specific, and successful curricular frameworks exist which might provide a model for educating ELLs? An examination of research demonstrated a large achievement gap for ELLs, and suggested a variety of explanations for such a gap, one of which was a lack of rigorous, community-based curriculum. A community-based curriculum framework was created, along with one sample unit to go with the framework. The framework and its samples are presented in a website to make them easily accessible for teachers wishing to adapt the materials for use with their students.

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Achievement, Community Building, Curriculum, ESL/ ELLs

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