Summer 2022


Capstone Project

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Abigail Rombalski

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Valerie Kaye


Research has shown that when students are given the opportunity to showcase their learnings in various settings, there will be a greater chance of student engagement and motivation when completing various classroom activities. The curriculum designed for this project uses Howard Gardner’s (2006) Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Thomas Armstrong’s (2009) work with integrating these intelligences into a classroom environment to target the various ways that students learn in the classroom that is best suited to the way their brain processes and applies information. The project involved creating a curriculum that was suitable for kindergarten students to engage in various learning environments while allowing them to have a say in the information that is being taught in the classroom. The goal of this project is to allow students to begin to make connections with other students in the classroom in an attempt to strengthen the classroom community while allowing each individual student to gain a better understanding of who they are as a learner. A part of this includes allowing students to make strong connections between who they are in the classroom and who they are at home. Allowing students to share the important aspects of their culture by bringing in beloved books from home or inviting family members to be guest readers in the classroom adds a deeper layer of who they are and where they come from to share with their classmates. The project, at its core is focused on engaging students in classroom read alouds. Through these various elements, students will be not only engaged in classroom read alouds, they will also be moving beyond the read alouds themselves and applying what they have learned in various learning styles.

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Curriculum, Reading








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