Ian Lyon


Summer 2022


Capstone Project

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Jana Lo Bello Miller

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Beth Couch


Each year history repeats itself in the United States with high numbers of elementary students not being able to read proficiently, and an even higher number affecting BIPOC students. To address the opportunity gaps, teachers need an easy-to-follow road map of interventions led by the science of reading, culturally sustaining pedagogies, and student motivational strategies. This professional development capstone project will allow teachers to learn these three topics, one in each half day in the beginning of the school year. The first day will focus on the Science of Reading (SoR) with structured literacy influences from the Simple View of Reading, Scarborough’s Reading Rope, and neuroscience. The second day’s topic will be Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy (CSP) where it will be a strengths-based approach on lessons based on student identity, culturally relevant texts, and anti-racist teaching. Finally, the third day will discuss Student Motivation and how important it is to student success while diving deeper into student self-efficacy, growth mindset, and engagement. Elementary teachers will be both reflective and engaged while they complete this PD that relies on the transformative learning theory. Each day depends on a consistent schedule with reflection upon the homework, a whole group activity, a background on the topic, a teamwork project, a review, and time spent going through a resource toolbox with small groups to prepare for the current school year. The PD was designed for 3 rd – 5 th grade but could be used with K-6th. The goal of this project is to provide elementary teachers with simple, yet effective ways to create a reading curriculum that is explicit and systematic while based on the science of reading, builds students up, and creates an equitable space for all to learn and achieve success.

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Professional Development


Motivation, Reading, Social Justice, Staff Development








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