Summer 2017


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Susan Manikowski


The research question considered in this project is, what are teacher perceptions of the Educator Effectiveness system of evaluation? To answer this, the author drew on work by Ravitch and Danielson to design a research study to be completed at her school in fall 2017. For the project, she developed the tools for her mixed-methods study, including a quantitative survey and qualitative focus group questions, as well as a PowerPoint presentation to share with the teaching staff at a professional development session at the beginning of the school year in advance of the proposed study. This presentation addresses the purpose, goals, background, and rationale for the research, and employs Knowles’ approach to adult education. In this Capstone, the author documents the implications of and direction for future study of the research topic, as well as challenges and limitations of this work.

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Program Evaluation


Teachers/ Teaching

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