Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Michal Moskow

Content Expert

Heidi Bernal


This study examined the experiences of Beginning to Intermediate English level adult refugees with the police, in order to inform the design of a language-modified, trauma-informed Know Your Rights training. Results of a student survey indicated a need for information and culturally-appropriate resources. The purpose of this curriculum is to prepare participants to interact with the police using English so that they can understand communication and advocate for themselves, whether they are being approached, detained, or arrested by law enforcement, or they are seeking emergency help. The context for this community education initiative is rooted in the traditions of people’s movements for justice, freedom schooling, and other liberatory work that emphasizes a humanizing, intersectional, and inclusive process. In recognition of historical, racial, and generational traumas that affect us, the facilitation methods seek to provide a healing and empowering space for participants to feel supported through collective learning and resource sharing.

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Community Building, ESL/ ELLs, Social Justice, Racial Justice

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Education Commons