Fall 2021


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Laura Halldin

Content Expert

Haley Doty, Megan Steinhoff


Educators of all disciplines are finding themselves providing endless engaging content and working long hours to give feedback, yet they are still witnessing their students struggle to master content objectives. Students need to be empowered and provided the tools to take ownership of the learning process. Through intentional metacognitive reflection, the interrogation and reconstruction of learning, teachers will find increased retention, comprehension, critical thinking, knowledge transfer, accountability, and motivation in their students. This professional development framework is intended to improve high school student mastery through metacognitive reflection and to provide tools for teachers of all disciplines to set students up with metacognitive reflection skills and experiences within their own classrooms. Included in this framework are three sessions of professional development presentations and a set of reflection devices for teachers to be used with instructional coaches or teams that are developed to answer the question: How can educators use reflection tools with students to increase student understanding of their own level of course mastery? Using the 5E instructional approach that encompasses the phases of engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate, each session of this professional development framework models a metacognitive learning experience. Sessions are focused on presenting the importance of metacognitive reflection in the classroom and modeling several different systems that can be used in the classroom to elicit it. Throughout all sessions, teachers are provided the opportunities to explore different reflection tools. The final portion of the framework is focused on the elaboration and evaluation of teachers’ learning. Done with their instructional coaches or other peer support, they will guide themselves through metacognitive reflection exercises on their implementation of devices throughout their units to ensure they are providing effective reflection experiences for their students. Through the completion of this professional development framework, teachers should have investment in metacognitive reflection and have confidence in using metacognitive reflection tools in their own classrooms.

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Professional Development


Reflective Practice, Staff Development, Teachers/ Teaching, Metacognitive Reflection








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