Fall 2021


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Karen Moroz

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Polly Pampusch


The concept of teaching English as a second language or multilingualism is something that the country has grappled with since the time of colonization. As we have become more aware of the globalization in our world, it has become quite evident that the basis of many of the theories and research conducted has a level of monolingual bias and is geared towards a system that is more fitting to what is known as monolingual norms. As more understanding is gained, the American education system is learning about translanguaging, an asset-based concept that is a heteroglossic ideology holding bilingualism to high esteem. The work of Ofelia Garcia has had a great influence on introducing the concept of translanguaging to the TESOL community. Translanguaging is a relatively new concept and schools are still trying to figure out the benefits and implementation in the classroom. This has led to my research question, How can a general education teacher effectively use translanguaging in the classroom in order to promote English language acquisition for multilingual learners? This capstone project evolved into a website, serving as a resource for general education teachers who will incorporate translanguaging into their classrooms. This capstone project will be a quasi-experimental pre- and post-test professional development series that will guide the website. The website will contain information and resources on translanguaging and be a place where teachers work collaboratively to culminate further translanguaging resources. Staff in district 279 in Osseo, Minnesota, will have gained a sound understanding of translanguaging and feel prepared to implement the newly learned skills in their classrooms, with the support of multilingual teaching staff and equity leaders.

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Website Creation


ESL/ ELLs, Multicultural Education, Staff Development








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