Fall 2021


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Laura Halldin

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Ilse Griffin


The research question for this capstone was: How can educators of adult English learners utilize antiracist praxis like translanguaging to more deeply value learners’ linguistic and cultural backgrounds and experiences? As the field of teaching English to adults grows, educators need to be aware of the colonial history of English learning that is harmful to learners (Motha, 2014). Through colonizing ideologies of monolingualism and standardization, adult learners of English constantly get messages of inferiority towards their linguistic and cultural identities. As educators, it is our responsibility to combat these racist practices in our classroom and community with antiracist praxis. Kendi (2019) argues that to be antiracist is to intentionally work towards racial equality or the breaking down of a racial hierarchy. For praxis, reflection must be combined with action because one cannot exist without the other for real change to occur (Freire, 1970). Therefore, educators require real time and commitment to the process of praxis when applying antiracist practices to their classrooms. This capstone’s literature review examines these ideas and ends by mixing the nontraditional translanguaging teacher roles from García (2017) and Culturally Responsive Teaching from Hammond (2015) to provide educators with tools to honor learners' linguistic and cultural identities as antiracist praxis. The project delves into how a study circle is an effective form of professional development for a learning community of about 8-12 educators to access this antiracist praxis research over 3-5 sessions because it is continual, reflective, and collaborative (Vinogradov, 2012). The final product will be a facilitator’s guide so any adult English educator can take the guide and bring this important work to their school with their colleagues.

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Professional Development


Adult Education, ESL/ ELLs, Social Justice, Staff Development








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