Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Dr. Kelly Killorn-Moravec

Content Expert

Dr. Robert J. Dixon


The author chose to explore the question what are the best uses of digital resources to support and engage struggling middle school readers? Many students in middle school find themselves struggling with comprehension skills. As many schools are moving to the 1:1 iPad model it is easy and necessary to incorporate digital resources in the teaching instruction. The current middle school students, through exposure, are fluent with using digital resources. Some of the main inquiries that were researched in this paper are why middle school students are struggling in reading, what motivates middle school students and what are digital resources? The literature review showed the benefits to using these resources to immediately assist the reader, to build a reading community and to work on individual comprehension skills. The project assembled showed how the use of digital resources such as Twitter, iMovie, numerous apps on the iPad, and a digital reader’s notebook can enhance the teaching instruction within a small group of middle school students.

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Website creation


Literacy, Reading, Technology

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Education Commons