Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Laura Halldin

Content Expert

Jeff Pridie


In order for art educators to uphold best practices, we must recognize the shifting and overlapping philosophies in the art education world. We must reflect and adjust to the needs of our students and communities, as well as embrace the research and practices of previous scholars and art educators to help us grow in our own practice. The guiding question to address this challenge was: “How can art educators promote a choice-based program while supporting and maintaining standards-based instruction and assessment?” The literature review includes an examination of standards based instruction, 21st century learning, Teaching for Artistic Behavior, choice based teaching, Studio Habits of Mind and growth mindset. The intent of this research was to combine the above best practices in order to support the idea of a true choice-based classroom. A Google Site was created, as well as three different types of assessments, to measure learning objectives in a Choice-Based Ceramics classroom.

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Website creation


Art Education, Assessment, Curriculum, Graduation Standards

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Education Commons