Summer 2021


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Jana Lo Bello Miller

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Nancy Packer


As a first-year teacher in a school with a high English learner population, I struggled to communicate with my students. As I began creating visuals and short videos for them, I saw both their confidence and their skills improve. This experience led me to my research question: How can technology enhance learning in a physical education classroom? In what ways can it be implemented? Thus, I created a website full of technology tools that will benefit the physical education classroom. During the research process, a lot of valuable information was found about the current trends of technology and how important it is for physical education teachers to implement technology in their classrooms. Video games are one of the top activities students do on their devices (Hurtado, 2021). Students do not have to just sit and be sedentary while they play video games. Rather, they could play an interactive game, where they had to move their own body in order to make the character move. These games, referred to as exergames, change the way video games and virtual games are being played. Physical education teachers should encourage these applications to be put on student devices to inspire more movement throughout the day. Chaput (2014) states that childhood obesity is arguably the greatest health concern our children face today. By introducing our students to these movement games, students are still playing video games while being less sedentary. For the capstone project, a website was created where physical education teachers can access ideas for technology and how to implement them. There will be several categories, such as teacher tools apps, active gaming, assessments, movie creation apps and video assessment apps. Once the user clicks on the category, more information will appear about the benefits of utilizing this technology in the classroom. This capstone project will aid in getting these great resources out to other physical education teachers.

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Website Creation


Assessment, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Learning Styles, Physical Education








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