Summer 2021


Capstone Project

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Jana Lo Bello Miller

Content Expert

Sarah Hick


Research has shown that BIPOC (Black, Indigineous, People of Color) students often feel disconnected from science learning. Teacher bias, the way “achievement” is viewed, a lack of role models, and the traditional way in which science is taught has contributed to a lack of engagement among BIPOC students and thus a disproportionate amount of these students not entering into STEM fields as careers. Changing this narrative will involve reframing the way that science is taught and the way in which curriculum is created, and increasing interest in the sciences needs to start with creating a more equitable science curriculum for all students. The curriculum designed for this project focuses on using Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings theoretical model of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and the Next Generation Science Standards to create a genetics unit that promotes cultural competence and critical consciousness and allows students to see connections to science with themselves and their communities. The project involved creating a storyline based curriculum that engages students in meaningful discussions about the history and influence that race has had on scientific history and science today. The curriculum will be used in a Biology classroom and the lessons are designed to be adaptable so as to allow for student voice and choice to influence the direction in which the storyline goes. The goal of this project is to create a more equitable science curriculum in order to help students develop into a generation of students who are critically thinking, science-minded, anti-racist agents of change.

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School of Education Student Capstone Projects

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