How Can Parents Be Educated To Understand The Importance Of High-Quality Preschools


Summer 2017


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Laura Halldin

Content Expert

Gina Hass


The research question address in this project was how can parents be educated to understand the importance of high-quality preschools. It shows one teachers effort to close the achievement gap by creating a presentation for parents to attend. The presentation is a 30- minute presentation that discusses preschools and attempts to sway a parent to send their child to a high-quality preschool. The presentation begins by giving background information on the achievement gap and what kids are expected to begin to do on day one of school. Next it highlights statistics about various groups of students who fall in the gap. It also highlights what can happen later in life when the gap is not closed. There is a testimonial of a woman whose child falls in the achievement gap and how her son did on the early childhood screening after not attending preschool and the referrals she received as a result of the screening. The presentation then highlights the differences in the various types of preschools through looking at teachers, curriculum, and standard days for the children who attend. Those parents and guardians who attend have the opportunity to participate in a lesson plan on counting as taught by two different preschools. The presentation goes over the early childhood screening, what parents should expect, and the resources that may be offered as a result of the screening. Finally, the presentation wraps up with giving parents information on how to locate a preschool in Minnesota.

Project Type

Adult Presentation


Early Childhood








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