Capstone Project Title

Reading Groups In The Middle School English Learner Classroom


Summer 2017


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Maggie Struck

Content Expert

Angela Fitzgibbons


The research question for this capstone is, how can reading groups help middle school English Learner students improve their reading comprehension? Xu (2015), Geva (2015), Peregoy & Boyle (2000), and Pressley (1990) were important researchers for the development of this project. Curriculum was written for middle school level one and two students. The topic of this curriculum is reading groups while learning the reading strategy of main idea. The curriculum unit is written for two weeks. This curriculum was written because there was a gap in the current curriculum which I teach. I wanted to develop the current curriculum more based on the group of students that I teach. This curriculum is meant to teach students about the reading strategy main idea as well as learning about working in a group setting. I chose these topics for my curriculum because both are very important for EL students in many other classes outside of the EL class.

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