Capstone Project Title

"The Effect Of Parental Involvement On Student Achievement In A High School Setting"


Summer 2017


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Maggie Struck

Content Expert

Erica Shorten


This purpose of this project is to learn more about the effect of parent involvement on student achievement. Specifically, the effect of parent involvement has on student achievement in an urban high school setting. Currently there is a lack of parent/guardian involvement in the urban school setting. As an educator, this can be seen first hand. Many students are struggling to graduate from high school. Parent/guardian involvement may increase student achievement. Materials in the form of monthly mini lesson plans and tutorials will be created and implemented in order to promote parent/guardian involvement. Community nights will also be held quarterly and will follow a Restorative Justice format. Overall, the findings show that parent/guardian involvement is important for student achievement in a high school setting. The level of parent/guardian involvement will vary as well as the level of student success. Barriers to parent involvement and student achievement are indicated. However, many of these barriers can be decreased or even avoided by expanding this project into a school wide or district wide initiative; which may allow for more resources to be allocated to this project. This will create more ways for parents/guardians to access materials and community nights and will ultimately increase the level of parent/guardian involvement; which will positively impact student achievement.

Project Type

Field Guide Project


Achievement, Parent Involvement

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