Summer 8-31-2020


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As English is an increasingly important global commodity, native English speakers are hired in countries around the world to assist with English classes. Japan is an example of a country that does just this. In Japan, these teachers are often hired simply by the qualification of being a native speaker, generally not needing a degree or experience in education. Many of these newfound teachers are given little to no information on relevant global English theories or cultural influences which may impact classroom environments. The project was heavily influenced by the work of Hino (2012), Oshima (2015), Jenkins (2014), Barrantes-Montero (2018), and Thanh and Gillies (2010). Using these researchers as a gude, a professional development presentation about global English theories and notable cultural differences was created for native English speaking teachers in Japan. World Englishes, English as a Lingua Franca, English as an International Language, Linguistic Imperialism, linguicism are among the global English theories discussed in this project. Cultural differences based on influence by the Chinese philosopher, Confuscius, and guilt and shame as tools for behavioral management are cultural aspects which are relevant to this presentation. The project which is intended to be a 2 hour, single session keynote presentation followed framework by Knowles (1992) as well as Darling-Hammond, Hyler, and Garnder (2017). The goal of this project is to provide an introduction to global English theories and various cultural notes relevant to a Japanese context, as well as provide a space to encourage interactive, thought provoking discussions and reflection.

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