Capstone Project Title

Culturally Responsive Teaching In Fourth Grade Social Studies


Summer 2017


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Susan Manikowski

Content Expert

Stephanie Beard


This research project addresses the question: How can the CLEAR Model be used in fourth grade social studies to improve the curriculum rigor, student engagement, and academic achievement of students of color? This project reviews the literature on critical race theory, the inferiority paradigm, and the deficit model of education to explain the inequitable education experience of children of color. This project illustrates how culturally responsive pedagogy changes the paradigm by viewing all students as capable learners whose culture, background knowledge, and life experiences can be valued as an asset for learning. The author demonstrates how focusing on culturally responsive curriculum aligned with student interests and assets increases student engagement, leads to higher order cognition, and ultimately increased academic achievement. The CLEAR Model is the framework through which teachers can evaluate their lessons for effective culturally relevant practices.

Project Type



Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

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