Summer 2017


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Maggie Struck, Ph.D.

Content Expert

Marie Lister


The purpose of this Capstone project is to discover how adult-child conversations affect preschoolers’ oral language development. The project consists of a literature review and the creation of a website. Research shows that oral language development in early childhood is related to social-emotional development and later success in literacy (Cohen, 2005; Lonigan & Shanahan, 2009; NAEYC, 2009; Hartas, D., 2012). Children’s oral language development is influenced by teachers’ emotional, instructional, and organizational support, including, language modeling and feedback, and the closeness of teacher-student relationships. Adult-child conversations can support these evidence-based practices. The findings from the literature review signify that, through intentional conversations, teachers can promote growth in students’ oral language. The website created for the Capstone project provides preschool teachers and daycare providers with resources for using conversations in the classroom, developing close relationships with students, and increasing students’ vocabulary and syntax. These resources enable childhood educators to assess the effectiveness of conversations with their students.

Project Type

Website creation


Achievement, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Early Childhood, Oral Language

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Education Commons