Summer 2020


Capstone Project

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Patty Born-Selly

Content Expert

Diane Gurnea, Jessica Prince-Sharrar, Jamie Viebach


The research question addressed in this capstone was how can incorporating games and activities enhance learning in Environmental Education ? The motivation for this question was to find a way to make learning fun and engaging for participants on many levels while reinforcing lesson objectives. When adding games and activities to traditional lesson plans, the learning shifts to become student-led discovery learning (Anwer, 2019). This type of learning fosters critical thinking and cooperative learning that translate into life skills (Kuo et al., 2019; Volk & Cheak, 2003). Further documentation points to benefits for ADHD and other behavior disorders from interactive learning involvement (Coyle, 2010; Schneller et al., 2015). The project melds scholastic subjects such as language arts and math into an engaging, discovery-led game or activity. The ease of using these activity laden lesson plans is intentional so that they can be implemented by anyone to learn about the Calumet region along the southern Lake Michigan rim. The design of each topic uses components from Gardner’s multiple intelligences (2011) to inspire deeper understanding by addressing several facets and presenting them in a fun format. A major limiting factor concerning this project is that it is very region specific. Use in areas that are not similar will require additional research and tweaking. The games and activities developed for the project are intended as an introduction to the topic. Deeper instruction is left to the teacher or facilitator to implement. Some students may be unable to travel to some of the locations to complete extensions. Alternate assignments are offered if this is an obstacle. The project lays the groundwork for future interactive lesson topics about the Calumet region. The goal of this project is for the user to become familiar with the Calumet region with the hope of instilling pride through knowledge.


Environmental Studies, Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences








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