Summer 2017


Capstone Project

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Maggie Struck

Content Expert

Jill Kind


The research question addressed in this project was, how can we use knowledge of the adolescent brain to increase motivation and relationships? Adolescents are experiencing a plethora of changes that impact their ability to learn. Therefore, it is crucial to consider ways to provide them with optimal success in their academics and beyond the walls of the classroom. This Capstone provides literature supporting the value in developing the adolescent brain and using the knowledge to help increase motivation and build relationships. In addition to the literature, this Capstone provides a project that implements brain-based strategies into a curriculum in order to cater to how adolescents learn. The project provides a toolbox of strategies for supporting the adolescent brain, increasing motivation, and building relationships. It also includes a unit curriculum for a 7th grade English class that integrates the various strategies. The curriculum provides educators with the tools necessary to implement strategies within any curriculum to support the growth of adolescents outside of teaching content. By using knowledge on the development of the adolescent brain as a tool for supporting adolescents, this Capstone seeks to improve the way teachers approach teaching content by incorporating brain-based strategies.

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Brain-based Learning, Curriculum, Motivation

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Education Commons