Summer 2017


Capstone Project

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Laura J. Halldin

Content Expert

Margaret Farrell


The purpose of the study was to create a guided reading curriculum for Chinese Immersion Kindergarten programs. Guided reading worked as an educational literate instruction played a significant role in schools. Based on the summarize of the history and strategies of guide reading instruction, as well as a general review of the implementation of English as a second language (ELL) learners, the connections between the instruction and immersion students, became possible. By combining the “backward” unit model design, reviewing the guided reading strategies, and coordinating the Language Arts Curriculum in our Chinese Immersion Kindergarten program, this paper developed a guided reading curriculum based on students’ learning topics and needs. Although the curriculum was adjustable based on students’ needs in future implementations, this paper mainly focused on planning Level 1. The curriculum will be further developed as teachers knowing students’ actual literacy levels and learning needs in the coming school year

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Curriculum, Motivation, Staff Development, Technology

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Education Commons