Fall 2019


Capstone Project

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Laura Halldin

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Kevin McGee


In the capstone project, the following research question was addressed: How can diverse literature be used along with critical literacy strategies to support diversity and equity in Spanish immersion classrooms? The purpose of this capstone is to support teachers from K-6 when incorporating diverse literature books in their curriculum and how the use of critical literacy strategies can benefit students when analyzing topics using a critical lens. The use of critical literacy strategies allow students to have a multiple perspective of topics or aspects related to other cultures that will connect them with their own cultures and their identity will be honored. The research in this capstone supports what twenty-first century learners need based on the skills they are working on when being exposed to analyze a text using critical lens. Skills such as critical thinking and questioning are important in our classrooms as a foundation for discussions of social issues and inequities and to learn how to have a different perspective on what students read and analyze will help them to transform their assumptions and the vision of their own world. The creation of a blog as a capstone project will create motivation and engagement since the topics that are presented in the diverse literature books reflect students in our school community and how they can learn from others’ challenges they have to face daily in their lives. The future goal is that based on the feedback that teachers will provide on what they find in the blog is that creates a collaboration network that will expand the resources that can be added to the blog as a way to have access to a wide variety of teaching practices teachers have been using in their classrooms.

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Literacy, Multicultural Education, Teachers/ Teaching








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